But Shouldn’t We Do Something?

     There have been a few occasions in my life that have required me to choose between actively pursuing a positive and actively avoiding the positive for fear that I will mess up and do more harm than good. Remember several weeks ago when we talked about getting out of the boat? It’s that choice between sitting within our fear and stepping out in faith toward Jesus. Well, to go a little further, I think we humans are good at perceiving what we should do—moving toward Jesus, but then justifying a reason as to why we just can’t do that.

    This past week, Josh talked about our potential to create dependency accidentally when we give to those in need. Admittedly, that is a tough thought to chew on. If you’re anything like me, you may think, “Well then what can I Do? Maybe it would be better if I just didn’t give anything at all?” It is hard to avoid that feeling after hearing that giving may not be as helpful as we think. However, I know Josh, and I doubt that he would tell anyone not to give at all. So what can we give? How should we give it?

    At Impact and Global, we think that maybe instead of giving charity, we could focus on giving tools. Now before you think I’m completely dismissing the practice of charity, hear me out. Charity has a place certainly is helpful to an extent. It would be difficult to argue that the gracious giving by many in the West has not in some way alleviated some poverty or aided a person in need. However, as Josh explained, it can be difficult to decipher when this giving starts to create accidental dependency. So, perhaps giving tools provides a helpful alternative. What do we mean by tools? Take a look:

Business Training: Would if we could help community leaders develop the business acumen that empowers their communities and families? When community leaders learn how to better develop their businesses, they learn self-sustainability, and the partnership between the West and rest of the world begins to look more equal.

This is only one simple tool that could help to enact tiny bits of change in regions all around the world. But this is the idea that we want people to start talking about. Giving is not a bad thing, quite the contrary. But would if we need to rethink what  we are giving?


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