Would I actually tell someone about Christ?

This is the start of a discussion that we’ll have on the blog this week.

Honesty, is not always the easiest policy to follow when you put things out on the internet. Why? Well, there is a vulnerability that comes with it. It’s a bit like cracking open your journal and allowing people to see the real and raw side of life. The question becomes – how strongly do we feel about the subject matter we are talking about? It is a bit easier to talk honestly about something that we feel strongly about, or something that is a deeply held conviction or belief.

So, why is it that we are so timid with our faith? Remember, honesty is the policy here today. You’ll probably read this from the comfort of your own home, or office, or maybe tucked in the corner of a little café. If any of these are true, or any other place you might be located, you are safe to answer this question in your own mind. Your thoughts are safe as you mull this over.

Be honest with yourself though. Why is it so hard to openly share our faith with the people we encounter in our lives – the guy you see every day at work, your neighbor across the hedges, the girl who sits in front of you in math, the person who just passed you in the café? What if they don’t know the ridiculous love that Christ has for them? What if they are struggling with something that no one knows about and all they need is the love of Christ to be demonstrated to them?

I’ll be honest here. I think I miss these opportunities all the time. But why? Am I afraid of their perception of me? Do I think that they’ll think that I’m a religious nut? Do I not love them enough to care about how they’re doing? Or, maybe I feel ill equipped as far as what to say or how to respond? Whatever it is, at least I can be honest enough with myself to recognize my short-comings.

But it can’t end there. To recognize something that isn’t quite right in our lives, and simply move on, is like recognizing an injustice but being to cowardly to do anything about it. I mean, didn’t Jesus tell us in the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations…”? Jesus said this to his disciples, but that is for you and me today. We’re part of that plan! But, how serious do we take that command? Or, the question that we talked about at the beginning, how strongly do I feel about the subject matter we are talking about? Well, when I think of it that way, things change. I do feel strongly about the freedom that someone can experience in Christ! I do feel strongly about loving your neighbor as yourself! I think I would want someone to tell me about this Jesus guy if I didn’t know him.

So, today, may we be bold and show the love of Christ to those around us. May we speak the words that are sometimes hard to say, knowing that it’s God at work in us. Christ chose to use us as his “body” here on earth to continue building his Kingdom. That should be an honor…not an obligation that we do begrudgingly. Now, let’s go make it a great day!

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