What did you say?!

Often times we are so wrapped-up in what we are doing that we fail to realize the ramifications of our actions/reactions.  Sometimes it takes the story of a friend to remind us that Christ can work through us anywhere and in any situation.

We often invite certain alumni of our small business trainings to return and share their stories with new trainees.  In a particular training, as we began talking about serving difficult customers, an alumnus named Rajeu* chuckled and shared the following story:

One afternoon a man entered Rajeu’s small kitchenware shop.  He picked up a few items and brought them to the counter, asking for the price.  When Rajeu stated the total price, the man picked up the items, threw them against the wall and turned to walk out.  Rajeu, not shaken by the incident, simply raised his hand and called out, “God bless you!”

The shopper turned around and yelled, “What did you say?!”

Again, Rajeu raised his hand and said, “God bless you.”

“Why would you say that?” the man snarled. “I just threw your things against the wall!”

For the third time, Rajeu raised his hand and said, “God bless you.”

The man’s tone softened as he asked again, “Why would you say that?”

Rajeu replied, “Because I used to be a person quick to anger, just like you.  You see, before I met Jesus…”  Rajeu went on to share how God had worked to change his heart and life.  Then he offered the man the same peace he had found in Jesus.

That day, two men left the shop rejoicing with hearts that knew forgiveness and peace with God.

May we each be on the lookout and ready to show the same love and forgiveness that God has shown to us!

*Name changed for security purposes.

Who is impact49?

With the start of any new initiative, a common question is:  So, what is this about anyway? In an effort to help answer this question about impact49, a local videographer Andy Whitlatch created this explanatory video from our launch this summer at Creation Festivals:

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