Much more than a simple salon

Adla*, a believer from a Muslim background, arrived at one of our small business trainings wearing a head covering. As a bridge to her family and community, she had chosen to keep cultural values that were not in conflict with her faith in Jesus.

Adla’s heart was clear – she wanted to share Jesus with Muslim women. She quickly realized that God had entrusted her with skills in hairdressing as a means of ministry. Many African women love to have creative hairstyles that can often require four to six hour visits to a beauty salon. Adla saw the opportunity to touch women’s lives while styling their hair. She had their undivided attention for hours. The business plan was approved, and a short time later, her salon opened.

The local Global Disciples facilitator made a six-month follow-up visit to the salon. She observed that while the neighboring beauty salons were empty, Adla’s shop had a steady stream of clients. As the facilitator watched and talked with her, it became clear that Adla is being used by God to reach many Muslim women. Why is her shop busy when so many others are empty? If you’d ask the customers, they’d be quick to tell you that it is because they can come to Adla’s shop with the issues of their lives, and she will listen, counsel them, and pray with them in the name of Isa Almasih – Jesus the Messiah.

*Name changed for security purposes.

What business will I do?

“A radio and television repair shop,” replied Abakara* when asked by the coach what business he planned to develop to help facilitate his church-planting activities in Eastern Africa.
“Good. So you have experience doing radio and TV repair?”
“No, I would need to get training,” replied Abakara.
“Our assumption is that if God is calling you to do this, then He has already put something in your hands that can be developed as a business,” one of the coaches kindly responded. “What did you find in your hands when you did the self-assessment?”
“Well, what did your father do?”
“He owned a pharmacy.”
“Did you ever help him in the pharmacy?”
“Yes, a lot.”
“Really?…hmm. Do you know about the medicines and their uses?”
“Yes. I filled prescriptions. I can take a pulse and do a blood-pressure check.”
“That’s great! Is there a pharmacy in your village?”
“No, we have to walk an hour to the nearest pharmacy.”
“What about the people who live beyond your village, where do they go?”
“Our village is on the main road, so they walk through our village on the way to the town with the pharmacy.” There was a long pause. “I could open a pharmacy!”
“Where is your house?”
“It’s on the main road.”
“Do you have a room in the front of your house that could be turned into a shop?”
God has prepared Abakara to open a pharmacy and has called him to minister in a village that needs what he has in his hands. Abakara just needed some help to see what he already had.

*Name changed for security purposes.