The Simple Sale of a Saree

Each day, Akrai [name changed for security purposes] takes his bike and straps several bundles of sarees (traditional clothing for women in India) to it.  As he begins riding through his village, he stops at each door and asks them if they would like to buy any sarees.  Some say yes, while others tell him to stop by tomorrow.  It’s commonplace to see Akrai laughing in the doorway with one of his customers, or sometimes having a deep discussion or prayer.  He rides his daily route that takes him through several villages, and puts him in contact with a wide variety of people.  This entrepreneurial clothing business is something that Akrai loves.  Why?  Well, the truth rests in the relational opportunities that his business provides.

Akrai went through the intensive training required by impact49 and discovered that the greatest way to spread the gospel is to engage his community in the marketplace.  There are abundant opportunities each day for Akrai to talk about the Lord with his customers.  He sees them on a daily basis, so he can also follow-up on family situations and display his genuine love for his neighbors.

Along with his business, Akrai has also planted a church.  Many of the customers on Akrai’s route come to his church as well.  His presence in the community, and the way that he conducts himself in the marketplace, lets his customers see that he takes his faith in Christ seriously.
“I now have a much greater exposure within my community. This has led to more and more people coming through the doors of our church,” Akrai shared.

It’s amazing how the simple sale of a saree is providing open doors for the Gospel!

A New Way of Doing Things

Welcome to impact49 – a new way of doing things!

Here at impact49 we are all about one thing – empowering the nations to take forth the gospel!

Think about your work environment…your job. Do you see it as your mission field? Do you believe that you can have a positive influence for Christ in that setting? We hope that you answered in the affirmative, because it has been proven that your workplace is one of the best places to demonstrate the character of Christ. When we stop to think about it, it makes sense. We spend between 30-60 hours per week (some folks more) with the same people – co-workers, customers, clients – and we get to build relationships with them that provide opportunities to spread the love of God (both with words and without).

So, why not use this as a model for missions? If we can see our mission field as starting right outside our front door, then the same is true of indigenous Christians around the globe. Who better to spread the gospel to their neighbors, and co-workers, than those who live there? They know the language, social cues, context, and environment better than anyone. They simply need to become empowered through training.

That is where impact49 steps in! As you’ll read about on our site, we work to train and equip indigenous Christians in three areas: leadership development, small business development, and biblical training. They start a business and plant a church, right within their own villages. This allows them to have a huge impact on the lives within their community, because they are interacting with them throughout the week, not just at church.

The neatest part is that we get to partner with them in their spreading of the Gospel. Each person trained must demonstrate how serious they are by coming up with 51% of the funds required to be trained. impact49 provides the remaining 49% to help them finish their training and start a small business. This 49% happens to equal $588, which just so happens to be $49 per month when broken down over 12 months. So, at $49 per month for just one year, you can help to start a business and plant a church halfway around the world!

While we take the Gospel forth within our own settings, we can help them to take the Gospel to some of the hardest to reach areas in the world. All in the name of Jesus!