What if within 2 generations everyone on earth would have a chance to hear the Gospel?

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Sound crazy? Maybe not.

Journey with us as we explore a model impact49 is using to empower Christians within their countries around the world to be missionaries to their own people.

Here, let me introduce you to a friend...

Meet “Raj”

Meet Raj

“Hi, I’m Raj. I live halfway around the world in southern Asia. I’m a Christian, but there are very few of us here, and I could actually be imprisoned for sharing my faith. But that doesn’t deter me! In fact, I have a strong desire to see all of my neighbors hear the Gospel of Jesus. Our local group of believers heard what Global Disciples was doing, so we asked them to assist us in developing our own training in disciple-making and church planting here in my country.”


“Through my local training in disciple-making, I realized that Global Disciples helps us to take a holistic approach to spreading the Gospel. Their goal is to train me within the next few years in Small Business Development and Leadership so that I become locally self-sustained. Each of these areas of training is giving me a unique skill-set to use!”

Small Business Development

“Small business development – helps me to start a small business that puts food on the table for my family, while also allowing me to relate as a business owner in my region.”

Leadership Training

“Leadership training – allows me to become a better, more Godly, leader as well as provides a natural space for local mentorship.”

Raj in training

Disciple making

“Disciple-making – teaches me to be a better disciple of Jesus while I also make disciples and plant churches.”

Church Planting

“From the training, I planted a local church in a neighboring area. It has been amazing! Sometimes we meet as a group of believers in my home, or in my small business, but the location doesn’t matter. We’re happy to simply gather as believers to study God’s Word, praise and worship Him, while encouraging one another. It’s like the early church!”


“I have begun to mentor and disciple others. Through this an explosion (rapid multiplication) of disciple-making has begun. Suddenly, 5-10-30-80-200-500-2000, church planters are being trained and making disciples just like me – setting in motion one of the most awesome expansions of the Body of Christ around the world! AND IT’S GROWING…


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